Michael & Sarah

Always Together


Born in 1957 into a very artistic family, I have been involved with and exposed to art since early childhood. My mother being the biggest influence, she worked primarily with pencil drawings and oil paints. None of us did any original work in fiber, my mother did do a couple of needlepoint kits. 

I never had any interest in fiber whatsoever, until my wife Sarah         ( yes, it's all her fault )  mentioned she wanted a loom. Thinking that would be an interesting challenge, I built her one  (shown  lower left ). Once completed, I tried some weaving and realized, that there was no way to do the detailed work, I wanted to do, on a loom. I was fascinated with the colors found in yarn and wanted to work with them, there just had to be a better way. After considerable thought, I bought some materials and started working on my first fiber work, six months later "Threads Of Life" was completed and the rest is history.


I enjoy creating nature and animal scenes, finished in a variety of fibers (yarn, batting, & roving). The nature of my 3D work is not limited to size, nor shape, which allows artistic freedom not normally realized through other mediums. I typically work from photo's, often studying many images, for inspiration.

What I enjoy most is sharing my craft and teaching,  I consider, my "Exotic Fibers" craft kits my greatest achievement, they are designed to show the beauty of the hand-dyed fibers (many do not even know exist) and are so easy a child can do it.

My larger (and far more difficult) pieces are typically available only for lease (within the USA only), which includes delivery, positioning, occasional cleaning, and removal, once lease is completed.

Occasionally I do sell original works of art, only available directly from this site, or directly from our home/studio in Leicester, NC (by appointment only).

Commissions are welcome, but, they must be done in between teaching engagements. It is helpful to have pictures similar to what is desired, as well as photo's of the area where it will be displayed, if needed I am happy to come in person to work out the details.


Email: michael @flyingfishdesign.online

The homemade loom, that started it all.