Order now and we will custom craft a kit  based on your favorite colors (for a limited time only)!

Easily create original "abstract" art, that will amaze your freinds. This kit serves as a (basic) "introduction to felting" and contains: simple Instructions, the substrate, one felting needle tool, carefully selected fiber blends, with complimenting and contrasting colors, a variety of textures and yarns (as needed) to assure that your creation, will be fun, educational, and unique. 

Exotic Fibers Mystery Kit

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Each Exotic Fibers is a "unique" one of a kind "hand crafted" kit, containing "hand dyed" fiber blends, not found in "Big Box" stores. Colors are "hansd selected" by artists who understand how colors work together. Each kit does include a "Felting Needle", parents are advised to keep these away from those who can be harmed by them.

  • Customer pays for actual shipping costs (with no additional cost) and taxes (if required)

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