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The greatest gift God has ever bestowed upon me is my wife Sarah. We have been (happily) married for 31 years. Sadly, Sarah was born with disabilities (magnified by severe neglect and abuse). I cannot comprehend, the things her own family put her through, and as sad as it is, people with disabilities are typically abused throughout their entire lives.

And it is inexcusable, how most are treated in the workplace if they can even find a job. Sarah is a very hard-working and honest individual, yet, she has been treated so badly by  "Team Leaders", she literally passed out from the stress!

  Sarah and I both had the pleasure of working (temporarily) with "Industries For The Blind", we learned a lot there. They had such a nice facility, an in-house medical team, and cafeteria, and a designated area for employees to take walks indoors. This is where we got the "vision", that perhaps we can do something similar.

With your support, we can create jobs for people, with a wide variety of disabilities.

Simple jobs like weighing, cutting, bagging, and labeling are easily done by people with disabilities, with the right set up and caring team leaders. Together we can make a real difference, in the lives of a few very deserving people.

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