The Exotic Fibers Mystery Kit 

Of all the things I have created, the "Exotic Fibers" craft kit, excites me the most, it achieves everything that I hope to achieve in every project, which is to introduce to the world, these beautiful fiber blends and perhaps inspire others to create with fiber. This helps farmers, put another can of beans on the shelf and perhaps save the farm. It's another thing we can do to help our local farmers and dyers while having fun doing it. 

When I go to our local craft stores, I am amazed at the beautiful colors and textures that are available, that most people don't know exist, nor do they know how fun, easy, and satisfying it is to create with them. I have developed the Exotic Fibers Mystery Kit just for that purpose and it is so easy that, (nine year old) Aurelia took to it like a bee to a flower.

You will not find these in "Big Box" stores, because these (hand-dyed) batting and roving blends, simply cannot be mass-produced,  nor made in great quantities at a time. These fiber blends are carefully crafted by dyers who are "artists in their own right" and I am delighted to introduce these to the world.

To order your Exotic Fibers Mystery Kit today, just select the "Online Store" to see more details and watch a short demonstration video.