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I'm Michael, fiber artist/designer and founder of Flying Fish Design.  Since creating my first work in fiber "Threads Of Life" (shown below) in 2014, many have been interested in learning my techniques, unfortunately, what came naturally for me, proved to be quite challenging for most people.

It has taken a lot of research and development, but, now I am happy to release a series of fiber craft kits (along with online video classes), designed for people of all ages and experience levels.  If you enjoy crafting and creating art, bookmark this site. We will be offering free online classes, felting tools & supplies, and an ever-increasing variety of fiber craft kits for all ages.

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The Exotic Fibers Craft Kit 

Of all the things I have created, the "Exotic Fibers" craft kit, excites me the most, it achieves everything that I hope to achieve in every project, which is to introduce to the world, these beautiful fiber blends and perhaps inspire others to create with fiber. This helps farmers, put another can of beans on the shelf and perhaps save the farm. It's another thing we can do to help our local farmers and dyers while having fun doing it. 

When I go to our local craft stores, I am amazed at the beautiful colors and textures that are available, that most people don't know exist, nor do they know how fun, easy, and satisfying it is to create with them. I have developed the Exotic Fibers Mystery Kit just for that purpose and it is so easy that, (nine year old) Aurelia took to it like a bee to a flower. ( watch video below )

You will not find these (hand-dyed) batting and roving blends in "Big Box" stores, because they simply cannot be mass-produced,  and made in great quantities at a time. These fiber blends are carefully crafted by dyers who are "artists in their own right" and I am delighted to introduce these to the world.

This Is Where The Real Fun Begins!

The Fiber Freedom Kits Are Here!

It has literally taken years, to find the perfect solution to an issue I have been dealing with ever since releasing my first kit.   When I created "Threads Of Life", I did what came natural (for me, it was easy). There were so many people interested in learning my techniques, I decided to create my first kit "Fiber Falls", but, the problem was, it proved too difficult to explain.  The Exotic Fibers Mystery Kit has proven to be the best solution for beginners, yet, at the same time, is limiting to those who are ready to be creative with this new art form.

Simply put, the Fiber Freedom series is essentially a blank foam canvas (found in our Online Store), that has been custom manufactured to our specifications. This foam is what makes creating with fiber easy and fun! Our Freedom kits are designed for those who desire to have complete control over all the color and texture choices.  Creative freedom with fiber is exactly what we hope to promote.

You can go to your local craft store and pick out the fibers that inspire you, but, you may want to watch the video about choosing your fiber,  it may save you time and money.

I will be continually creating videos (some exclusively for Freedom kit owners) as I create works of art.  The Freedom Kit videos will be free and only available for Freedom Kit  owners (Purchase Code required) Instructions on how to access these classes are included in each kit!

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Michael Forehand_Photos by Studio Misha